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Age is No Guarantee of Efficiency

Cris is not working with me.  

I’m sorry.  I’ll try harder but it’s not looking good for threads.

hope to at least get the cellist starter for James-mun but I don’t know if there will be anything else today.  

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Andrew Scott for Attitude  

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Good morning, starshine.

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hipster | Tumblr na We Heart It -

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Andrew Scott
        A T T I T U D E

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Q and Mallory - Skyfall

Credit to Flayu on DeviantArt for references :)

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photographer and his model

Move baby, move baby, I’m in love


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“No, I see no reason to work while I am at home.  I do have a lap top on the off chance that something needs monitoring and I don’t have time to get to the bunker but usually, I keep it off and under my bed.  I prefer to live as unplugged as necessary at home.  but thank you.  I’ve lived here for awhile and it probably looks about as lived in as possible.”  Cris threaded his fingers with James’ and pulled him closer.  “I’m glad you do.  Means you might want to come back sometime.”

"It’s lovely Cris and I want to spend time with you"

 “I’m glad because I want you here as well.”  It seemed as if it had been a long time coming, even though it was only their first date, but when Cris pressed his lips to James’, it felt like coming home.  “Dear god, do you always kiss like that?” he murmured against James’ lips.

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madwriterscorner said:
James touched Cris' swollen belly, "soon our last pup will be here, I know this has been a hard pregnancy my love"




Cris was tired.  More tired than he had ever been.  The pregnancy was taking everything he had and he looked like it.  Cheeks sunken and tight, skin pale.  He was stuck in the bed.  They were planning birthing the pup by Cesarian the moment she was old enough to live on her own.  They didn’t know if Cris would be able to carry her much longer.  ”It’s worth it,” Cris smiled, though it was strained.  ”Our family won’t be complete without this one.”

Overwhelmed with love, Cris leaned against James and held their smiling daughter.  “She really is perfect.  It’s amazing how she has my eyes and your hair.  Opposite of the rest of the pups yet there is no mistaking she is our daughter.”

James smiled, “I always loved your eyes and she is perfect”

 “And I love yours.  I love that I see you looking back at me every time I look at one of pups.  Now you will have that with Miss Eliza here.”  He turned, looking down at his tiny daughter.

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