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Age is No Guarantee of Efficiency


James had arrived before Cris and had been waiting for him. When Cris shut the door, he opened his door and smiled. “Hey love” he whispered closing the door and joining him on the bed, “I love you”

 “I love you too,” Cris sighed, rolling against James.  “Do you think we will ever be able to be together without hiding?” He was getting tired of sneaking around, of the secret rendezvous, of everything else they did to be together and stay alive.  “I want to be able to love you and have everyone know it.”

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"Thanks," Cris smiled, slipping on the robe.  He did feel more comfortable  covered up while they walked around.  "So what are you making me to eat?"

James hummed as he looked in his cupboards, “what about pancakes?”

 “I love pancakes.  If you want, I’ll make tea while you cook.  I’d offer to help but I have a tendency to burn water so it is best to keep me away from any food until it is time to eat.”  Cris was exaggerating but only slightly.  

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Cris.. I would like to expand our family..




Cris blinked momentarily before breaking into a bright smile, “I would like that as well.”

“If I knew where James was right now, I would call him and thank him for bringing me to that party though at this point I think he is tired of me thanking him for that all the time.”  Cris ran a hand through Rich’s hair, “You are so wonderful, my love.  And such a wonderful father.  Olivia is lucky to have you and the next one will be just as blessed.”

Rich giggled. “I think so too.. He hated it after the fivehundred time you thanked him..” He said and kissed him again. “I can say the same about you.. You are wonderful and gentle with her.. and I just can’t wait when we will grow more and there is another one that will be held in your arms..”

That evening, they picked Livvy up from school and took her to their favourite ice cream shoppe.  She was old enough now to understand that there was something strange about all of this but she didn’t question it because it meant that she got ice cream.

“Olivia, baby, Daddy and I have something to talk to you about.”

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"I’m here because I want to be.  I’ve wanted to be here for the longest time," Cris smiled.  "I’m just nervous.  I’ve spent my whole time here trying to blend in.  This is going to make me stand out and I just need to prepare myself for it."

"I’ll be here don’t worry" James touched his face, "your so beautiful Cris I don’t think you realise how beautiful you are"

 “I still thinking you are joking but I do appreciate the thought,” he said with a shy smile.  “Okay, I’m going back to my tower to change.  See you in the Great Hall in twenty minutes?”

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Teeth worked at his fingernail as Cris waited, nearly jumping when James knocked.  Grabbing his mobile and keys from the counter, Cris stuffed them in his pockets and threw open the door.  “James,” he smiled, the name more of a breath than an actual word.  “I’m ready now.”  He quickly closed the door, smiling apologetically.  “Sorry, one of my cats is an escape artist and it’s better to get out the door as quickly as possible in order to have to not have to spend the evening looking for him.”  Cris blushed and looked down, “Maybe after dinner you can come up and I’ll introduce you.”

James grins. “Hello, Q. It’s fine. I’d love to meet them. You said you had two…? He prompts, an arm sliding gently around his waist, a warm hand at the center of his lower back as he guides him downstairs. 


"I do," Cris smiled, moving just a little closer to James as he feels the arm wrap around his waist.  "Catsby and Schrodinger.  Catsby is a homebody but Rhody loves to explore and will get out any chance he can.  Back when the coffee shop was a bookstore, he was mostly content wandering through the shop but now he has to stay upstairs for health code reasons and he is a little…grumpy."  

Blushing, Cris looked down.  ”Sorry, I talk about them too much.  But they are my only family so I guess it is sort of like people going on and on about their kids.”

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And will be for the whole weekend.  

That said, QUEUE!  Every single thing that I know that I owe is in the queue and will be posting throughout the weekend.  That includes:

They are all randomized since the activity page doesn’t work for this blog and I don’t know who has been waiting the longest.  The one exception is 007jbond who has been waiting two months because I suck, so that one is posting first.  After that, who knows.

Have a lovely weekend and I will hopefully see you all on Monday.

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If anyone wants to bring back old threads, now is the time speak.

I’m on a roll with my drafts so let me know and I will reblog from where we left off.

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I give up.

I’m sorry.  I really did try but I can’t find Cris anywhere in my mind.  

To 007licensedkiller, imreallyjustanactor, ofteaandmagic, thesnakeandthewolf, studentofmerlin and i-just-keep-getting-phds, I’m sorry you have to wait for days between replies.  You have no idea how much I love you guys and appreciate you sticking around while my muse is being finicky like this.

thebamfblueelf, billhart008, andrea-malfoy, jimmyinwestwood and thatfirehairedshifter that goes for you as well but I don’t think I owe any of you right now (if that is untrue, let me know!)

I’ll do my best to do threads tomorrow but no promises.  I’ll reply as soon as Cris will let me.

I do love you all.

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I have created smoke.

Sometimes I channel my muse a little too well.

All I was doing was washing dishes…

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I have 18 drafts and no muse.  

I’m going to try but I wouldn’t really count on anything.

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Ben Whishaw at the Cannes Film Festival 2009

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It’s raining Ben.


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I haven’t been appreciating this photo as much as I ought to have

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