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Ted string of fate



58. Our muses are destined to meet once when they’re children, then meet again as adults and retell their memories to each other

Cris had vague memories from the year he spent in America as a child.  He had been around 7 or 8 at the time and his father was working in a strange place called Las Vegas, having accepted a temporary transfer.  The one thing he remembered clearly was his friend Spencer.  They would spend hours in the library, reading whatever they found interesting.  They were never the most active children but Cris learned a lot and had a lot of fun that year.

He occasionally thought on his childhood friend after moving back to England but he moved on, only sparing the occasional memory for Spencer until a tall, lanky man walked into Cris’ favourite coffee shop in London and Cris nearly dropped his Earl Grey.  Even after all these years, he would know that face anywhere.  ”Spencer?” he asked.  ”Not sure if you remember me but we used to be friends, a long time ago.”

"That’s fine." He laughed "I remember you had that big stack of them" He felt sort of dumb mentioning it. 

"My car is old enough to be my mother, and it’s falling apart slowly but surely. "

"I still have them," Cris laughed.  "Probably worth a ton of money now.  If I am ever strapped for money, I’ll look into it."

He shook his head and smiled, “If I ever get over to the States, i can look at it.  I make cars at work all the time so I bet I could help you out.  Might not be flashy but if you ask really nicely, I’ll install an ejector seat.”

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"I wanted you as a mate. I wanted you as a mate back at uni but I didn’t think it would be possible." Cris smiled, bending forward to give James a soft kiss. "Better late than never though, right?"

"Yes better late then never" James kissed Cris as his knot…

James smiled, “I know what you mean Cris, it will take me a long time to get used to this as well, I spent that fifteen years in hell and now suddenly I have been granted heaven”

Cris curled into James’ chest, purring lightly in happiness.  ”I love you.  I think I always have.  You are the only one that I have ever wanted and now here we are.”

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Also big hugs to 007licensedkiller, youstillneedus, thesnakeandthewolf, and banhammered for their sweet messages.  I love you all!  Those really helped, so thank you.

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Ok, I can’t do anymore.

I’m down to 21 drafts so that is something but my body aches and I need to get some sleep.  Again.

Anyway, I have to go to work tomorrow so I’ll probably be pretty active just trying to keep myself awake.  Fingers crossed I don’t fall asleep at my desk.

Love you all.

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"Crimson and cream would be beautiful," Cristin sighed, picturing it now.  "And maybe touches of silver to add to the sparkles."  She thought for a moment, trying to imagine what the wedding would look like, "I think you can have Cris if you want him.  If the two of us stand next to each other, we look too much alike and he might distract from me.  But no one will be able to tear their eyes from you, regardless of who is standing at your side."

"I never thought you would support my love of glitter" Galinda replied with a slight grin, her lips finding her’s in another sweet kiss. "Alright— I still think he should stand by you, but if you want him to, then he can stand by me, along with Marissa and Amethyst. .who else?" she wanted to get an idea of who would be in the wedding.

"You’ve won me over to the glitter but only for special occasions," Cristin smiled, trying to keep from laughing outright.  "If you have Cris, then I will have James, Bill and Eve.  That would make things somewhat symmetrical, right?" 

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End of an Era: Darkverse


The first few days in treatment were probably the most difficult. Mostly because it was like being back in grade school, being on a set schedule for just about everything. The withdrawls from the drugs were a nightmare, and having to eat exponentially more than he normally would left him feeling sick and bloated on top of that.

He laid in bed at night, thinking that it was for Cris. It was for them, and their future, provided that they actually had one.

The first night was miserable.  Cris felt like his skin was literally crawling.  He had given Spencer his word and couldn’t go back on it but he was jumpy and anxious and nothing was helping to ease his discomfort.  He went to bed earlier, hoping that sleep would help but he tossed and turned; the bed wasn’t the same without his lover there.  

Without a job, without a hobby and without his lover, Cris had nothing to do and too much time to think.  He started going to the library, picking books at random and reading them cover to cover, just to pass the time.

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Cris threw his arms around James, grinning broadly as he peppered his mate with kisses, “Thank you James!  You have no idea how much that means to me!”

James held Cris barely suppressing a laugh, “their your friends, you don’t have to stop seeing them”

"I know, it’s just with the kids and everything, I felt like my whole focus had to be our family.  But sometimes I miss them, you know?"   Cris smiled, still hugging James tight.  "You know you can still see Alec and the other agents, too.  Invite them over sometime."

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James reached into his drawer and pulled out a piece of paper handing it to Cris, “I had my will altered, you are the sole beneficiary and you also hold power of attorney should anything happen to me”

"I did the same for you," Cris smiled.  "I did it all on the computer but it is legal and binding.  I guess we are stuck together now."  He grinned and wrapped his arms around the back of James’ neck.  "I’m yours from now until forever James.  Too late to speak now so just hold your peace."

James simply kissed him softly and buried his head in Cris’ hair.

"I take it that you are okay with that, then?" Cris asked with a smile, enjoying the feel of James’ breath on his scalp.

"Yes I am I love you Cris"

"As long as that is settled, husband, I suggest you take me to bed.  We never did have a honeymoon, after all," Cris grinned.

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Brothel AU || Open


Rachel got back to her, wearing a blue skirt with white small points and a simple white shirt, smiling with her wet hair, a bit curly from the shower. “Hi there.. you look beautiful..” She said to Cristin.

"Thank you," Cristin smiled, pulling Rachel close and giving her a soft kiss.  "So do you.  Do you want to go to the coffee shop a couple blocks over?  It’s where I usually spend my off nights because no one looks at me and automatically thinks ‘whore’."  Her voice was sad, in contrast to the smile she kept on her face.

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"Well, it’s not like I get laid often," Cris laughed.  "And I could say the same for you.  God those eyes, I could have gotten lost in them."

"Mm well if you want a repeat all you have to do is ask me, I won’t turn you down" he smiled and kissed Cris lazily.

"Give me a few minutes," Cris smiled, enjoying the kiss.  "Refractory is short for us but not that short.  Besides, you are warm and I quite like it."

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They dressed again, and made their way to the dining room. They held hands all the way - something Julian was extremely fond of as he nuzzled a little closer. The dinner they had was amazing, and it was better than anything Julian had tasted before.

He took some pauses to kiss his to-be husband, the kids giggling.

Cris couldn’t stop smiling during dinner, feeling the happiest he could remember being in a long time.  HIs family was there and he felt so blessed.  He shook his father in law’s hand and gave his mother in law a kiss on the cheek, before hugging them both.  ”Thank you for being here,” he whispered, tears in his eyes.  He looked over where the twins were climbing onto Jules’ lap.  ”I think I found a good one, don’t you?”  They nodded in agreement and hugged him again.

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"I know," Cris sighed.  "I try but it’s hard.  You are really the only one at MI6 that I trust.  Even as much as I respected and even loved M, I never completely trusted her."

"She never completely trusted anyone, I know she didn’t trust me. No one at MI6 trusts the agents, their just happy to use us"

"I would never use you.  Any of you.  It hurts each and every time that we lose an agent."  Cris wrapped his arms around James, pressing his face to his lover’s neck.  "Sometimes I wonder why we bother.  We are just tools to them."

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"Of course I will kill them now, you need sleep your about to pass out and I don't want you to hurt yourself"

"Fine.  Just make sure you kill the minions.  The purple one with one eye is a troublemaker," Cris mumbled, more than half asleep already.  

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Perfect, sassy and strong yet vulnerable
  • Anonymously tell me what you think of my character portrayal.

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