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Age is No Guarantee of Efficiency

Cris had done everything in his power to make sure that Julian had no idea what to expect from their wedding.  Right down to the tuxedo his fiancee was going to wear, Cris took care of every detail.  So on the day before the big event, Cris and Julian, along with their kids and the few people that had been invited met at King’s Cross to take the train to parts unknown.

Pulling his almost-husband close, Cris grinned, “For your first hint, I will let you know that this train we are boarding will drop us off in Scotland.  And that is all you get to know for now.”

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    q—uartermaster: "You don’t have to be," Cris smiled. "It’s just you, me and our family. All we have to do is sway...
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    "I am not a really good dancer though," he blushed, chuckling softly. He was, however, nervous. Cris felt it in...